Sunday, 1 August 2010

Current Obsession 002

Hello Munchkins!

Here are my current obsession of this week...

The television show called *Misfits,* I only started watching this last Saturday and it's about 5 people who were caught up in a storm and have these weird powers. It's sort of hard to explain but if you watch it you would understand.

Lissie has easily became one of my favourite music artist this summer, her music is sort of American country/folk/rock. She is definitely worth listening to especially if your in a feel good type mood. I'm also going to see Lissie in October with some of my friends and I literally cannot wait.

Cragga- Mr postman
If you like me you love Dubstep you will love this song, this has been on repeat all week.

Continuing from the previous I'm attending the Secret Wars Vs Break Thru at the end of august at the Custard Factory, so if your in the Birmingham area at the end of this month...I would recommend you attending this event if you like dubstep/drum n bass/jungle.

Last but not least it's my 18 birthday on Tuesday, which I'm actually so excited for. It's not the fact that it's my birthday which I'm excited for it's the fact that I will be 18 which means I will be able to do so many things that have stopped me when I was 17 .

What are your Current Obsessions for this week? Is your birthday coming up this week?