Sunday, 1 August 2010

Current Obsession 002

Hello Munchkins!

Here are my current obsession of this week...

The television show called *Misfits,* I only started watching this last Saturday and it's about 5 people who were caught up in a storm and have these weird powers. It's sort of hard to explain but if you watch it you would understand.

Lissie has easily became one of my favourite music artist this summer, her music is sort of American country/folk/rock. She is definitely worth listening to especially if your in a feel good type mood. I'm also going to see Lissie in October with some of my friends and I literally cannot wait.

Cragga- Mr postman
If you like me you love Dubstep you will love this song, this has been on repeat all week.

Continuing from the previous I'm attending the Secret Wars Vs Break Thru at the end of august at the Custard Factory, so if your in the Birmingham area at the end of this month...I would recommend you attending this event if you like dubstep/drum n bass/jungle.

Last but not least it's my 18 birthday on Tuesday, which I'm actually so excited for. It's not the fact that it's my birthday which I'm excited for it's the fact that I will be 18 which means I will be able to do so many things that have stopped me when I was 17 .

What are your Current Obsessions for this week? Is your birthday coming up this week?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Recent Buys...

Evening Sweet cheeks!
So yesterday I went on a little walk about to the shops to find some new reads... I have wanted the James Wong "Grow your own drugs" book for some time now and when I saw it on special offer from £17.99 to £6.99 I thought bargain. This book is amazing it talks about natural remedies to cure things such a Eczema, anxiety, PMS pain, hangovers, insect bites and so on, sometimes natural remedies are better than taking certain tablets or creams that you have no idea what ingredients are in there.

I'll be doing some post soon on some of these recipes.

I then went into Accessorize, which is normally a bad idea...But to be honest there weren't many things i liked in there. How cute are these earrings? I love little stud earrings, especially with birds on :)

You can tell I love birds...

These remind me of Alice In Wonderland.

What have you recently purchased?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Current Obsession 001

The other day I was browsing on youtube as you normally do and once you click onto a video you click onto another and another and another. I then found Lorraine Stanick's vlog channel called "The Current Boobies" I love the name of her channel, she also has a beauty channel "The Current Custom" where she talks about make-up etc. I've currently been obsessed with watching her vlogs, I'm on day 60 at the moment so I have exactly 100 videos to watch...

Here are just a few of her vlog videos...

Do you watch vlogs on youtube? Do you watch The Current Boobies? Are you currently obsessed with anything?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Shabby Chic Interior

This is my first post on my new blog and I thought I would start it with one of my favourite things...which is interior. Especially the colour scheme of white, duck egg blue and pastel pink or very neutral colours. I don't really like modern interior, I prefer more shabby chic/traditional/Old fashioned interior as I think it looks more cosy...It sort of reminds me somewhere where your grandma would live, where would open the front door and smell her baking as most grandma's do...

Such a beautiful bedroom, I love the wardrobe although it's bad feng shui to have a mirror facing your bed.

Love this floral chair

This room is so light and airy.

I adore this kitchen, I love the white splash back with the read and pink accessories.

I've never seen a vanity like this, the chair fits into the gap where the mirror is. I think it's adorable.

When I first saw this room i was so like o.m.g I want it. I love the metal frame bed, the colour scheme and last but not least the window the seat, it's beautiful.

The sunlight/ tea room, I don't drink tea but if I had this room I would drink tea all day long.

This room looks like a magical room out of a story...

Images from we heart &

What do you think of interior? Do you prefer modern or old fashioned? Do you follow any interior blogs?