Saturday, 17 July 2010

Current Obsession 001

The other day I was browsing on youtube as you normally do and once you click onto a video you click onto another and another and another. I then found Lorraine Stanick's vlog channel called "The Current Boobies" I love the name of her channel, she also has a beauty channel "The Current Custom" where she talks about make-up etc. I've currently been obsessed with watching her vlogs, I'm on day 60 at the moment so I have exactly 100 videos to watch...

Here are just a few of her vlog videos...

Do you watch vlogs on youtube? Do you watch The Current Boobies? Are you currently obsessed with anything?


  1. i love vlogs! they're so interesting. :) and sometimes hilarious.

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  3. i love her! watched her daily posts for about 60 days and then missed it one day and found it hard to get back into! so weird..! she is so funny though, i love her! now i feel out of touch with her life ha ha weird as i don't know her!

  4. @Lane I know I especially love her vlogs :) x

    @*rachelwears I know I'm like that when i'm obsessed with watching someone on youtube then stop it takes me a while to get back into them. x