Friday, 2 July 2010

Shabby Chic Interior

This is my first post on my new blog and I thought I would start it with one of my favourite things...which is interior. Especially the colour scheme of white, duck egg blue and pastel pink or very neutral colours. I don't really like modern interior, I prefer more shabby chic/traditional/Old fashioned interior as I think it looks more cosy...It sort of reminds me somewhere where your grandma would live, where would open the front door and smell her baking as most grandma's do...

Such a beautiful bedroom, I love the wardrobe although it's bad feng shui to have a mirror facing your bed.

Love this floral chair

This room is so light and airy.

I adore this kitchen, I love the white splash back with the read and pink accessories.

I've never seen a vanity like this, the chair fits into the gap where the mirror is. I think it's adorable.

When I first saw this room i was so like o.m.g I want it. I love the metal frame bed, the colour scheme and last but not least the window the seat, it's beautiful.

The sunlight/ tea room, I don't drink tea but if I had this room I would drink tea all day long.

This room looks like a magical room out of a story...

Images from we heart &

What do you think of interior? Do you prefer modern or old fashioned? Do you follow any interior blogs?


  1. Your first follower and commenter! The blog looks great and I love the inspiration pics :)

  2. Yay... Thanks sophiee, :) I know I live for interior. x

  3. Yay, you're back with a cute new blog! Love the interiors :) xx

  4. Your style looks very similar to mine - I LOVE these pictures :)